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Misheard Lyrics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Technology' started by Ashley1, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Ashley1 High Profile Contributor

    A couple years ago, I had gotten the album Pokemon Christmas Bash for Christmas. I love the renditions of the classic Christmas songs they do. Anyway, I was reading customer reviews on Amazon one time regarding this album, and I remember reading something regarding their rendition of "Must Be Santa" Okay, I think I messed up so I deleted that part. But the one part where they sing "Beard that's white" and one customer thought the singer was singing "Beer that's right".

    Cap on head
    suit that's red
    special night
    beard that's white

    It was the last line that they heard the words "Beer that's right". I thought it was strange at first because after all, this is a children's CD, and it wouldn't be the smartest move to sing about stuff like alcohol. I took a closer listen to that song once after reading that comment, and nearly burst out laughing because it really did sound like they were singing "Beer that's right!" Now, keep in mind, this is an adult voice actor we're talking (Eric Stuart to be precise) I remember one time when I caught that mistake, I had a feeling the guy was probably going to go out and have a couple beers after their recording session, so that may be why he said "beer" instead of "beard" at the time. Downright hilarious was what it was. He finally got the final rhyme right after a little while, but it was funny all the same.

    What are some cases where you completely misheard lyrics? What song was it on and how was it really supposed to be sung? Did the performer correct him/herself after a while, or did they sing it that way through out the whole song?

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